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Beats and things…

What we’re here for?

The rap game, this music biz, the cap city (Pretoria) industry like anywhere else in the world is very simple to define; you either go big or you go home. It used to be a kingdom where the strong reigned and the weak were voiceless… nowadays promoters got the biggest buzz and you run into the same people at every event.

That ain’t even the worst part, the Pretoria hip-hop scene is a lot like high school now, we have the jocks, the hotties, the cool crowd and the nerds.

Attention all nerds and the jocks:

Nerds (promoters)

Smart dudes, they pretty much run ish now but almost instantly let their (minute) power consume them, a few pointers Mr. promoter:

  • Market research:   Learn your target market in order to avoid poor attendance at events.
  • Facebook: Is NOT the only marketing tool you have
  • Pay: Performers for their services and DO NOT put names of                artist you know you haven’t booked on your posters.
  • Dates: Timing is key

Jocks (Performers aka Emcee’s)

People clearly appreciate the music you put out, let’s starting dropping full albums now.

  • Craft: yrics can always be IMPROVED
  • Respect: Others, yourselves and the art form… like it or not you are public figures
  • Media: Learn to utilize the media (cool crowd) as they have                     influence, do not show up for interviews late, drunk, high                         and/or unprepared, it’s not a good look.

Well we damn sure aint here for our Matric certificates, so the next time you at an event and its “flaccid” ask yourself and other people; “what are we all really gathered here for”?? 



Mix-tape Reviews

Free download @ http://www.thevolume.co.za

Tumi and the Volume

Inspired by the shocking amounts of rape that occur in South Africa, tumi and the volume along with a whole lot of friends such as; Mos Def, Pro, Mo’lemi, Tuks and Zubz to name but a few, the mixtape explores the story of a women now 25 relating the story of how she was raped 10years earlier in her school and her basically urging us all to break the silence as far as women abuse more specifically rape is involved.

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) is an entity which aims to create a safer society that does not tolerate any violence against women, and where women are power, self reliant, equal and respected. For more info visit

Website: www.powa.co.za

Call:        083 765 1235 POWA help line

All in all the music is dope as you would expect nothing less, the topic is definitely thought provoking and if anything I would advise one to share the mix tape and talk about these thing as they affect us all.

Rating: 4/5


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Flexboogie – Ladies love Flexboogie mixtape

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