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Winter wonderland

They say; “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and well I say beauty is in the hands of the daring and extreme.

In winter most people tend to shy away from their favorite clothing item(s)… solution; DON’T!

For those who weren’t blessed with long, sleek-thighs like super-models cold weather provides a perfect opportunity to wear miniskirts or short dresses without exposing our legs. From tunics, shirt dresses to ruffle skirts, the possibilities of flattering winter fashion are endless!

Here are a few tips to wearing short dresses in winter and still keeping warm.

  1. Essential item number one, get yourself a pair or 2 of thick stockings or leggings.
  2. You need to theme winter into your fashion wonderland. Pick a theme that will tell a story about you and your clothes. This can be anything, good girl gone bad-meets vintage school girl chic.

Here is a super sexy outfit for you ladies, keeping the above theme in mind.

 A short dress, layered with stockings or leggings, boots and a jacket and you have your-self an alluring and feminine look. 

  • Black is the color for winter not only does it create the illusion of being slim and super sexy but it also creates ultra confidence and can be mixed with any bright and neutral colors.
  • Aaccessories to purchase this winter are trench coats, huge bags, hatsand a warm scarf or poncho. 



Men, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. This winter while ladies go grey and black to create a sexy figure you need to go bright and play with color. Chino pants are the in thing for men along with cardigans and bright shirts this being blue, purple and lime. Fellas can we hide those super bright skinny jeans and trade them in for chino and corduroy pants this season?

Another helpful purchase is a trench coat, warm under armor shirts, scarfs and warm suede shoes. Don’t wear bulky sweaters because they take the attention of your great physique and make you look like you’re wearing borrowed robes.



Winter is a time for those with style to pull off outfits they wouldn’t wear in summer. It’s a season to be daring and adventurous.

On a final note,ladies and gents  moisturize to keep your skin glowing and have fun getting dressed this winter.

Fashion fades and evolves with time, but style is everlasting and unique, so go out there and be a style setter.

Love MissJey


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