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#imjustsaying… Blame it

The great American poet Jamie Foxx has shared his sentiments with the world when he released musical sonnets such as “blame it” and “extravaganza” others such as Akon have followed suit with “sorry blame it on me” as people whenever things do not go our way we always point fingers at others, but why?
Katt Williams once asked; “how do I fcuk up your self-esteem, its esteem of yourself”? Rightfully so, how does one temper with what you are feeling? You cheat and get caught, you point fingers, you mess up a job interview and it’s somehow the interviewers fault, your phone gets lost and it’s not your problem. 

Truth be told, most of us are masters of the blame game, diversions are counter-productive and definitely not sexy. How many times have you blamed it on someone else today alone?



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