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Dare 2 sing your own song

Life is a miracle and like a song one has to write lyrics in order to have a hit.
While thinking about the above statement, I discovered that we all sing the same song, but never in the same way. You can’t reach your full potential if you follow the dreams or live in the shadows of others, simply put; you have to write your own book in life.
I have a friend and her purpose in my life was to teach me how to embrace my indifferences or should say, dare to be unique. She taught me the joys of following my own heart and desires, to embrace flaws as because they are what separate as from the whole world.
So with this 1st edition of the newly revamped kaslam website, I hope we are:
Unique in every way possible
Help you stand out from the rest
Start a new Kaslam culture and lifestyle
Inspire you with the fashion page
And make your soul pump with music

Don’t be afraid of being an individual, in fact dare to be different.
Kholo – Kaslam online content editor


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